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Company Philosophy

The Inflexis Team believes that we can only be successful if we operate based on solid principles that are executed with agreed upon goals in mind. These founding principles, values, vision and mission should be expressed not only internally, but externally.

Founding Principles

When Inflexis founders set out to build the best digital Identity Management company in the world, they turned to their own personal values as a foundation. Recognizing that each individual must decide on what values they will base their personal and professional conduct, these Inflexis Principles are biblically based, and are key to the Inflexis mission of “Best in Class Identity Management.” Inflexis associates have committed to hold each other accountable to these values, as they want their vendors and customers to hold them accountable to these same values every day.


• Honor God in word and deed
• Treat each person with dignity and respect
• Be committed to excellence and continuous improvement
• Demonstrate servant leadership
• Maintain the highest standards of integrity
• Earn a decent profit, decently


We envision a team of individuals who respect each other and work together to build the industry leader in digital Identity Management to business and government.


To create value for our customers, investors, dealers and employees by developing and providing “Best in Class Identity Management” systems.

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